Saturday, December 29, 2012

ILoveNP - Up To Snow Good

Hello again!
Sorry things have been a little quiet here, lately. With exams at school, a lot of work (seeing as Christmas is the high point of the year in the electronics business) and Christmas itself, I had very little time for anything else.
But, I did manage to at least document one of my manicures, so I thought I'd show you. I've also been on a crazy shopping spree re: nail polish, with all the Black Friday and Christmas sales that have been going on, so stay tuned for more goodies to come.

Enough chatter, let's get to the nail polish - shall we?
This is I Love NP's "Up to Snow Good".

Pics were taken in natural light. I've used two coats of "Up to Snow Good" over a white base (that took me four coats to get relatively opaque! I definitely need a new white for bases such as this). Apologies for the otherwise shabby looking fingers and cuticles. Winter wreaks havoc on my skin and nails, no matter what I do, it seems. 

"Up to Snow Good" is made up of a variety of translucent, teal, blue, white, aqua, prism, and pearl glitters according to its description, and with the white base it reminded me of a wintery forest. A bit Christmas-y and glittery without going overboard. The formula is a bit thick, but this is a polish that's packed with glitter, and you don't have to fish for anything, so that's par for the course. Overall, I really liked it and I'll definitely use it again. Maybe with a nice teal or turquoise next time...

Up to Snow Good can be purchased from I Love NP's store here. According to the shop it's a limited edition, so if you want one, don't delay! 

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