Sunday, December 9, 2012

Girly Bits - Stormy Skies

I have another indie brand polish for you today, and this one is Stormy Skies by Girly Bits. It's one of those polishes that garner rave reviews in the nail polish community, and subsequently becomes a bit difficult to get a hold of.

It's by no means a Hard to Find or Very Hard to Find, mind you. For one, it's still in production - second, it's available both from Girly Bits' own shop, Harlow & Co and Llarowe, but it tends to sell out quickly (at least that's my experience...I had it on my wishlist for quite a while before getting my hands on it). But between all three places it shouldn't be impossible to grab a bottle. And you definitely should!

Just look at it!
The above picture is three coats (it covers in two, but I ended up with three) + base and top coat, taken in natural light. The polish dries a bit matte on it's own, so if you're a glitter junkie (like me), you should definitely use top coat.

This is the polish in indoor lighting (you can also better see the shimmer/glitter in this one). In natural light it appared a blueish grey, but indoors it's more of a greyish blue... does that make sense? Actually, I can't quite decided what color I'd call it... my first thought was periwinkle blue, because it struck me as a color that I normally wouldn't wear. But it's got too much grey in it to be called that... it looks rougher, which I like. Overall, I think this is a great winter color.

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